Andrew Chappell is an American singer-songwriter and musician from Boise, ID. Andrew was raised in North Texas where he started singing at an early age, with his father, and playing the drums at their local church. While in school, he could often be found skipping classes, to teach himself how to play the guitar, the piano and writing songs in the school’s choir hall. This love for the process soon developed into live shows at coffee shops, clubs and bars across North Texas.  

Now residing in Boise, Idaho, Andrew’s debut album – the self-produced and timeless collection ‘Loneliness and Whiskey’ - hit the scene during a tumultuous 2020. Covering topics like love, loss and addiction in a fearlessly vulnerable manner, the album secured Andrew’s role as one of indie country's most captivating songwriters.  

With the topically relatable new single ‘Mr Radio’, Andrew continues to delve into the modern artist’s mind. With acoustic presence but country tendencies and full-throttle rock and roll all intermittently on show, Andrew’s emotive vocals and expressive guitar playing make for a welcomed relief from the tribulations of modern life.     

Whether backed by his band, as Andrew Chappell and the Bitterroot Revival, or standing tall as a solo act, Andrew gears up to take on the scene and relight the world’s passion for live music with skill, intention, and soulful devotion.